First Asset is the compensation enlightenment company that enables organizations to achieve a new standard of clarity and understanding for more efficient decision making at every level of the compensation management process. 
First Asset's software makes the process of managing thousands of compensation conversations simple. We echoed the companies commitment to clarity and simplicity when crafting the verbal and visual identity, website communications, social and product UX/UI design for their proprietary software.
Visual Identity
The concept of "Enlightening Compensation" was created in the brand strategy, and verbal brand identity phases and encompasses what First Asset stands for and is the guiding light for all creative direction we explored. We were mindful of the brand attributes we created, which set a standard for the visual style and approach. 
/  Expert means First Asset looks sophisticated & sharp
/  Simple looks minimalist and clean
/  Pragmatic means we look realistic and exact
/  ​​​​​​​Geeky gives us permission to look unorthodox, a little eccentric, and unexpected
Verbal Identity
A big part of this engagement was developing a distinctive Verbal Identity that Cleary articulates a tone and voice that sets First Asset apart from all competitors in a growing space. This was delivered across a three-phase process: Discover, formulate and create.
/  Brand Voice
/  Voice Examples
/  Tagline
/  Brand Messaging
/  Narrative
/  ​​​​​​​Verbal assets and tool kits

We’re a SaaS company that is focused on Enlightening Compensation. This means we provide the information and clarity mangers at every level need to make consistent, expert-level compensation decisions.
Interaction design
Delivering a best-in-class, engaging digital experience was priority number one for the relaunch of the First Asset brand. The product team worked within in a truly agile process, keeping the strategy in focus, crafting an outstanding user experience, developing content that informed and engaged. We were able to create efficiencies, validate concepts via prototyping/user testing and developed an architecture and platform solution that catered directly to core users needs. 
Application Dashboard design
A critical part of the project was to adapt the new brand visual system to First Asset's suite of cloud based applications and tools. This was done through user experience exercises including, research wireframes, prototypes and user interface design. A suite of user experience expressions were created in conjunction with a full user interface palette  to help elevate the brand and overall customer and administrator experiences.​​​​​​​
We designed all the standard business collateral (Business cards, letterheads etc.) but also focused on creating comprehensive brand guidelines as well. 
Included in the collateral we created was a PowerPoint pitch deck and print brochure which further outlined First Assets product and services.
Social Media
We developed a comprehensive series of rich, social advertisements targeted to core First Assets audiences. Targeting Sr. level human resource executives and team members, we directed our focus to predominantly the LinkedIn platform. This provided a more defined approach to capturing our intended business minded audiences.

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