American Express, one of the worlds most iconic brands is the standard for quality and service, their membership rewards program was elevated to match their rigorous standards and now offers the same world class service its customers expect. 
A simplified user experience was created for American Express Membership Rewards online and mobile presence. Designing intuitive way-finding with rich tools sets and crisp displays of user data.
The Challenge
Our core challenge was to deliver an exceptional shopping experience that focuses on American Express members needs and anticipate latent desires during the process.

• Create a member-centric experience
• Treat Card and Membership Rewards relationships equally
• Explain the program
• Personalize the experience
• Tie Membership Rewards benefits Card type
• Utilize social media more effectively
• Make Membership Rewards mobile
• Create clear communications with a distinct voice
• Establish Membership Rewards/Partnership guidelines
• Develop a governance structure
• Define key metrics
UX Design
With our user research and strategy findings complete, we now had a deeper understanding of what our core members wanted from an optimal Membership Rewards experience. 

What we did
Initial analog sketches were created to quickly get some big  ideas on the table and pressure test them
User flows were generated to better define key interactions and to help envision an overall “design system” that would be refined during the product process
User journey's were developed to track touch-points and life cycles for all member types
A detailed set of core template wireframes were created for all platforms, and modified throughout the UX/UI, prototyping and testing phases
Created multi-platform prototypes for testing with user groups
Detailed specifications documentation
UI Design
After testing the UX designs via mockups and prototypes, we moved into designing the visual interface and all associated design elements.

What we did
Working from user flow diagrams, we developed a series of preliminary sketches with which to start.
We created several design iterations that leveraged the Amex digital brand system and quickly tested
Designed and produced icon sets
Designed and built pattern systems
Testing/validation, user feedback, and reporting
Detailed interface design specifications focusing on colors, image use, themes, styles, patterns, and iconography were created and shared with the front-end development teams

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