Concept, user experience, design, and development of SAP’s motion controlled interactive wall for their Executive Briefing Center. Controlled by a Microsoft Connect controller, users can interact gesturally with custom interactive experiences that features dynamic data and animated info graphics.

The interactive wall was designed for SAP’s updated Executive Briefing Centers (EBC) in Newtown Square & Vancouver.  Interlocked 82” touchscreen panels displays dynamic information for executives visiting the center and act as a branded touchpoint in high traffic areas.  The EBCs are primarily a sales environment and will be a great opportunity to educate customers on the SAP Experience.

The project started with the work Siegel+Gale did for the SAP Top 10 and continued into influencing all screen interactions, optimal positioning for interactivity in the physical space and application development.

The space was deigned by Sparks, backend designed by T1V


SAP Top Ten interactive display and animation. Designed to work within one of the 82″ screens to offer optimal viewing and interaction space to end users.