Known for creating next-generation health and monitoring systems for commercial, military helicopters, and prop planes GPMS needed a fresh and efficient approach to present complex data to engineers, in-field technicians, and fleet managers. Speed and presentation of vital information designed to reduce unplanned downtime and costly catastrophic failures were top of mind for GPMS.
From a branding perspective.

GPMS needed a unique brand system that set them apart from their competition, while delivering a user experience that positioned them as a leader in the aero telematics space. It was recognized early on in the project that the overall user experience would be the biggest expression of the brand so we focused on tailoring an experience that kept our user groups engaged and on task.






A deep understanding of the GMPS health monitoring system was first needed in order to frame the right experience for its very specific user groups. Creating an intuitive hierarchy of information was key and was developed through the user experience wire-framing process and later in refined in the prototyping phase. Information graphics, color, iconography and display text were rendered in a very detailed user Interface design phase which led us to the application design used by its many customers today.


We delivered a well-structured branded architecture for GPMS’s MX and FX aeronautics monitoring systems and delivered an on-screen brand experience that defines the highest quality in telematics and delivered a marketing website that positioned their software products above all others.